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Our Wireless Shirt Powerbank!

Here at Personalised Powerbank, we have a range of great powerbanks to choose from. We have those that are compact and easily fit in a bag or pocket. Or ones that can fully charge your phone up to four times. However, if you are a sports fan, there is only one powerbank you should choose and that is our Wireless Shirt Powerbank!

As the name suggests, our Shirt Powerbanks are in the shape of a sports shirt, making them the perfect accessory for sports fans!

Our Personalised Wireless Shirt Powerbank allows you to wirelessly charge all smartphones that are equipped with Qi charging. Simply place your smartphone on the base and wait for the charging notification to appear. It really is that easy and removes the need to connect to a charger using a cable.

With most people now owning a Qi-enabled charger, these items also make the perfect gift. So, whether you are looking for a birthday present for a tec lover, or a gift for a smartphone-obsessed teen, this item is perfect.

Not only can this powerbank charge a phone wirelessly, but it can also charge two other phones at the same time when plugged into the 2 additional USB ports.

As with all our styles, they can also be personalised with your own image and message. But we also have three options to choose from:

Photo Upload Wireless Shirt Powerbank!:

This option allows you to upload your own photo and message to the Football Shirt Powerbank, just like another style in our range. So why not add an image of your favourite sporting memory and create a powerbank with a difference. You can add your own text to make the powerbank extra special.

Design your own Team Shirt:

This option allows you to create your own wireless shirt powerbank design, add a name and number, choose a base colour, and then go ahead and customise the stripes, collar, sleeve and trim of the shirt. Allowing you to create a Shirt Powerbank that imitates a team’s shirt! So whether you would like it to look like a popular football team or your child’s local ruby team, you can do just that.

No matter which personalisation option you choose, our Shirt Powerbanks have 4000mAh. Which means they have enough power to charge your phone twice. So, whether you are at a football game or travelling, you will never have to lose charge ever again. They also have two USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices at the same time.

So what are you waiting for? Start designing your own Wireless Shirt Powerbank today!

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Powerbanks for iPhones

It may come as no surprise that iPhones are the most popular smartphone in the UK. But as more and more new generations are released one thing that doesn’t seem to be improving is the phone’s battery. So how do you ensure you keep your charge when you don’t have access to a power source? Here at Personalised Powerbank, we have a great range of powerbanks that are compatible with iPhones.

Powerbanks for iPhones

Powerbanks are a great iPhone accessory! As they allow the user to get a burst of charge when it’s most needed. It doesn’t matter if you are at a festival, or on the beach. Powerbanks are portable and can be used wherever you are. They work by charging the powerbank, which holds the powerbank so it can be plugged into your phone to charge it whenever you need it.

This is why Powerbanks for iPhones are a great portable accessory. But why purchase any powerbank, when you can purchase a personalised powerbank! Here at Personalised Powerbank, we are different from other websites, as our Powerbnks can be completely personalised! Once you have chosen your power bank, you can then upload your own images. Our personaliser works in real-time, so you can see any edits you make as you make them. You can then also add your own text or message to a powerbanks – creating a truly unique design!

Different iPhones have different battery capacities (maH), and so do our powerbanks. The higher the maH of a powerbank the more battery it holds. So if you are looking for an easy to carry powerbank that will offer a small charge our 2500 Credit Card powerbank is perfect. Or if you want multiple charges for your iPhone then our 10,000 maH powerbank is the one!

So what are you waiting for! Get your iPhone powerbank today and top up your charge no matter where you are!

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What mAh Is My Phone?

If you have been looking for a powerbank then you may have come across the phrase mAh. Which may bring up a range of questions such as what is mAh? And what mAh is my phone? To help you make the best choice, we answer all your questions for you!

What mAh Is My Phone

What is mAh?

mAh (milliampere hour) is a technical term for how much electrical charge a particular battery will hold.

What mAh Is My Phone?

To find out what mAh your mobile phone has, you can check your phone settings.

For Android phones –

  1. First, open ‘Settings‘ app in your phone.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click the ‘About‘ option
  3. Under Battery Information, you will see the battery capacity of your Android phone.

For iPhone mobiles –

In Google, search ‘what is the mAH of my (enter iPhone model here), and your mAH will be brought up.

Why Do I Need To Know My iPhones mAh?

Now you know your mAH, you can now choose your perfect powerbank and understand how much charge your phone will receive. If you look on our website you will see each powerbank has a mAh, so what mAh you choose depends on what you want from your powebank.

For Example, if you want your powerbank to give your phone 2x full charges before the powerbank needs charging again then your need a powerbank that has a mAh double that of your mobile. Or if you would like a powerbank that will give your phone one full charge, your powerbank only needs to match your phone’s mAh.

So, to start looking for your perfect powerbank, view our Personalised Powerbank range today.

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What is iPhone MagSafe?

With each new iPhone that is released, new technology comes with it. The most recent Apple technology is their MagSafe integration! But what is iPhone MagSafe and how does it work?

What is iPhone MagSafe?

In simple terms, MagSafe is a charging infrastructure, which allows users to charge without plugging a cable into the devices.

How Does MagSafe differ from Wireless Charging?

MagSafe differs from Wireless Charging because of the type of magnets which MagSafe uses. Rather than magnets built into a specific charging area, Apple added a ring of magnets around the Qi-based wireless charging coils, which allows for a close fit and faster-charging speeds.

What Charging Spead Can I Expect?

For most of the ‌compatible iPhone models, the ‌MagSafe‌ charger is able to charge at a maximum of 15W, but for the smallest ‌iPhone‌, charging maxes out at 12W.

What iPhones work with MagSafe

The perfectly aligned magnets attach to your iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Charging won’t work on any phones below this. However, any iPhone from an 8 or later can also be charged wirelessly using wireless chargers.

Do The Compatible iPhones Come With A MagSafe Charger

The iPhone 12 and 13’s do come with a MagSafe charger. However, the connection at the other end is a USB-C output. So if you don’t have a plug socket that is compatible with this then you will have to purchase a new one.

We hope we have answered your questions, What is iPhone MagSafe? Bur,I f you want to find out more in-depth information about iPhone MagSafe then click here.

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Personalised Powerbanks For Mum

The clock is ticking until it’s Mother’s Day! So have you managed to get your beloved mum a gift yet? You could purchase the same old box of chocolates and flowers as you do every Mother’s Day. Or you could get your Mum a present that she will love. One that will also show her how much you mean to her, whilst ensuring she can always contact you. A Personalised Powerbanks For Mum.

Personalised Powerbanks For Mum
Personalised Powerbanks For Mum

We have a range of powerbanks styles to choose from, allowing you to choose a powerbank that you know your Mum will love. We have ones that can easily fit in a handbag, ones that will provide two full charges to most smartphones.

The best part about our powerbanks is that you can personalise them with your very own photo or image. So, find that favourite image of you and your mum to place on our powerbanks. Then add a loving message and you have created a gift that is both practical and a keepsake. If you don’t wish to use one of your own photos, we also have some ready-made Personalised Powerbanks For Mum designs that you can personalise with your own message.

As with all of the products on our website, our Mother’s Day Powerbanks come with free delivery, so there are no hidden costs and the price you see is the price you pay. We will also ensure that your products are delivered to you within 3 working days, meaning even if you have left purchasing a present to the last minute, our chargers and powerbanks will be with you in no time.

So, make sure you choose a Mother’s Day gift they will love and order your Personalised Powerbank today! Or if you are looking for a Mothers Day mug or notebook, check out our sister website Add A Personal Touch.

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What Are Wireless Chargers?

Did you know that all Samsung and Apple mobiles that have been released since 2017 all incorporate wireless charging? The function makes charging your devices so much easier! But What Are Wireless Chargers?

What Is Wireless Charging?

It is the process of charging your electronic devices without the use of wires.

How Do Wireless Chargers Work?

Wireless charging works by transferring energy from the charger to a receiver in the back of the phone via electromagnetic induction. The charger uses an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field, which the receiver coil in the phone converts back into electricity to be fed into the battery. But all you have to do is place your iPhone on top of the wireless charger.

Why Should I Use Wireless Charging?

With a lot of people home working they are using their phones more and needing them with them. But do you really want to be plugging your iPhone into your work computer? Our Wireless chargers let you charge your phone using any USB port without any data transferring. Making charging a lot safer!

Which iPhones Can be Wirelessly Charged?

Wireless charging has been enabled in iPhones since the iPhone 8. So if you have this model or anyone more recent you will be able to wirelessly charge. If you have any other model of phone, just check to see if it QI enabled.

Personalised Powerbanks Range Of Wireless Chargers

Here at Personalised Powerbanks, we have 8 different styles to choose from. We have bamboo chargers, to desk chargers. We even have a wireless powerbank so you can charge your phone on the go without the need for any wires!

So now you know the answer to What Are Wireless Chargers? View our full range today, which starts from only £14.99 including free delivery, click here.

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What devices can be charged by a Powerbank?

We live in the technological age. We have mobiles, laptops and even watches which need to be charged in order to work. If they lose charge we find ourselves in a panic, looking for the nearest charging port. But did you know that a number of devices that we use in everyday life can be charged by a powerbank?

Yes, the answer is a portable charger. A lightweight power bank or mobile battery pack that you can carry anywhere. All you have to do is charge it up at home or at a power point, and then whenever your device needs charge you simply connect it to the powerbank to give it a quick boost. You’ll never suffer from “low battery anxiety” again.

What devices can be charged by a Powerbank?

If you have your powerbank on you, then it can charge a number of devices. This is along as you have the device USB charging cable on you. As you will need to connect your powerbank to your device using this. So whether it’s a laptop, iPhone, or even an apple watch, as long as you have a cable you can charge your device.

But how much charge will your device get? Well, this all depends on the mAH of the powerbank, as the higher the mAH the more charge it can hold. But also the larger the powerbank tends to be. If you are looking for a powerbank that will give your phone an extra boost, then you should be looking a a powerbank of around 5000mAH. Or if you are needing to keep your laptop charged, then you need to be looking at an mAH more around 10,000mAH. So what device do you want to be charged by a Powerbank?

Our Wireless Charging Powerbanks with Cable

Now, as we mentioned before, powerbanks are great for charging your devices on the go. But this is only if you also remember to print your charging cable. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could get a powerbanks that had a built-in cable?

Here at Personalised Powerbank, we have powerbanks that can do just that. As our 5,000 and 10,000 wireless powerbanks with cable, are fitted, as you may guess, with a cable. So come are the days you needed to carry a powerbank and a loose cable. It contains USB, USB Type-C, Lightning, and micro-USB connectors so no matter what device needs to be charged by a Powerbank you can do so.

These devices also allow you to wirelessly charge all smartphones that are equipped with Qi charging. Simply place your smartphone on the powerbank and wait for the charging notification to appear. It really is that easy and removes the need to connect to a charger using a cable.

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Powerbanks For Valentines Day

Christmas is well and truly over. Christmas trees have been put away, January diets are in full swing, and you can even find Easter eggs in the Supermarket. But, with one celebration over, it means that another is around the corner and that day is Valentine’s Day. So get thinking about what Valentines Present, you are going to get your other half. We would recommend Powerbanks For Valentines Day.

The Perfect Valentines Present

This year, you could purchase the same old box of chocolates and flowers as you do every Valentine’s Day. Or you could get your other half a present that they will love and will score you some major brownie points without breaking the bank.

“What Valentines Present will enable you to do this,” we hear you ask? Well, a Personalised Powerbank of course. As there are plenty of reasons why they make the perfect gift.

valentines day powerbank design

We have a range of designs to choose from, allowing you to choose a design that best suits your partner’s needs. We have ones shaped like a football shirt for those who are sports fans. Or ones fitted within a large mAH for those tech fanatics, as well as many more.

All of our powerbanks have been designed to be easily portable. This is why they are small enough to fit in pockets and bags. Most of them also have enough power to fully charge any smartphone, so there should be no more excuses for not getting a text back! We even have a Wireless 10,000mah powerbank which has enough power to fully charge your phone multiple times!

The best part of our powerbanks is that they can be personalised with your very own photo or image. So, choose that favourite image of you and your partner, place it on one of our powerbanks and you have created a gift that is both practical and a keepsake. They really are the perfect Valentines Present.

If you don’t wish to use one of your own photos, we also have some ready-made Valentines designs that you can personalise with your own message. Making the perfect Powerbanks For Valentines Day.

So, make sure you choose a gift they will love this Valentine’s Day and order your Personalised Powerbank today!

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Personalise A Powerbank In Time For Christmas

Christmas songs are being played on the radio, the decorations are up and we are on the countdown to Christmas! But have you got your Christmas presents? If not, here at Personalised Powerbank we are here to help. As we can personalise a Powerbank in time for Christmas!

This year you can place your orders up to 11:59 on Monday the 20th December are receive guaranteed Christmas delivery! Our office will then close and reopen on Tuesday 4th of January. Any orders placed within this time will be printed and despatched on our return to the office.

So if you leave present buying until the last minute, or have accidentally forgotten to get a gift, we have the perfect solution. As a Personalised Powerbank makes the perfect gift no matter who you are buying for. This is thanks to our powerbanks being practical, high-quality, affordable and personalised!

Personalise A Powerbank

When looking for the perfect Christmas gift, some people can be extremely hard to buy for? What do you get the friend who has everything, or your work secret Santa? To find the perfect Christmas gift, you have to find a present that is practical or useful. And what is more practical than a Personalised Powerbank or Wireless Charger! As every9one has an electronic device they need to charge!


Now you don’t just want to choose any powerbank as a gift. They can be found everywhere and don’t look like you have put much thought into the gift. But here at Personalised Powerbank, you can add an image and text personalise a powerbank to create a unique gift. So why not add an image of their pet or recent holiday snap and create a gift that says you care.


Just because our Personalised Christmas Powerbanks are like no other doesn’t mean that you have to pay an arm and a leg for them! Our range of powerbanks and wireless chargers are available from only £14.99. If all this wasn’t enough, free delivery is also included within the prices of all our products. So the price you see is the price you pay – there are no hidden costs.

So if you would like to personalise a powerbank in time for Christmas make sure you place your order before 11:59 on Monday the 20th of December. Our sister website Add A Personal Touch is also following the same Christmas delivery dates. So if you are looking for the perfect gift we can still help. From Personalised Golf balls to photo upload Christmas Eve Boxes, we have it all.

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New Personalised Phone Accessories

Here at Personalised Powerbank, we are always looking for new products that we can add to our range. They need to be exciting, powerful and quality to make it into our range. And recently we have added 6 new products but including new designs, we have added 100 new personalised phone accessories. All of which can be personalised in some way. Whether that be a photo, name or message.

To help you choose which of these new powerbanks and wireless chargers are best for you, below is sm overview of these new products. But first, you need to understand the differences between wireless chargers and powerbanks.

Wireless chargers are items that you can place your phone onto in order to receive charge to your phone. In order for this feature to work the phone will need to be QI enabled. Whereas powerbanks are portable wireless chargers that can charge any mobile on the go. They need to be charged before you use them.

Circular Wireless Charger With Coloured Base

This wireless charger needs to be plugged into a USB port or plugin in order to work. Once it is you can simply place your QI enabled phone on it to charge. We love this high-quality product as you can choose the colour of the outer ring. With four stylish colours to choose from, you can choose the team that is best for your home.

Desk Square Wireless Charger

This is another of our new personalised phone accessories. It is a wireless charger and a stand-in one, making it the perfect desk item. Whether you need to charge your mobile whilst on a zoom call or whilst watching a TV show on your break, this item is perfect for you.

Square Wireless Powerbank Hub

This item is another one of our wireless chargers. But for those who don’t have a wireless charging phone, this hub also includes two USB ports. Allowing you to also plug two devices in and charge three items at the same time.

Wireless Charging Mouse Mat

We love this new item. As well as being a mouse mat that can be printed full colour. This item also has a built-in wireless charger. So you can charge your phone and work at the same time.

Wireless 5000mah Powerbank with Cable

We also have powerbanks as part of our new personalised phone accessories. But this powerbanks is different as it comes with its own cable that can be used to charge your powerbank and connect your mobile to the powerbank. However, if your phone is QI enabled you can also wirelessly charge your phone. Being 5000mah this powerbank should also give all smartphones a full charge.

Wireless 10,000mah Powerbank with Cable

This powerbank is exactly the same as our new 5000mah powerbank, it just has more charge. With a 10,00mah this powerbank chan charge most smart phone up to three times. that’s a lot of power for a powerbank that will fit in our bag or pocket!

So what are you waiting for! With free express delivery on every order, these items also make the perfect Christmas gifts.