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Personalised Powerbank Gift Box

Our Personalised Powerbanks make the perfect gifts. Not only can you add a name and message of your choosing to them, but they are also practical. So what better way to display a gift than in one of our Personalised Powerbank Gift Box? They are guaranteed to add that finishing touch to your present that says you care.

As well as the powerbank been personalised, to make our boxes extra special the lid of each can also be personalised with your own image and message. Whilst the inside has foam which has been specially cut to hold your powerbanks perfectly. So no matter which powerbank you choose, there is a gift box that will match. the gift box lid can even be kept and hung on a wall like a canvas!

Both the powerbank and the box use our live personaliser. So you can add your images and text and move them about. This is a live edit, so you can view just what your gift will look like before you even add it to your basket!

For only £10 you can add a Personalised Powerbank Gift Box to your order. aSo what are you waiting for? Make someone’s birthday that little bit more special today!

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Our Personalised Bamboo Wireless Chargers

Becoming eco-friendly and sustainable is becoming increasingly more popular in the UK! which is why here at Personalised Powerbank we have created a range of Personalised Bamboo Wireless Chargers.

Bamboo is highly sustainable. As the fastest growing plant on earth, it can grow up to 90cm per day and only take 3-4 months to become full size without the use of any pesticides or herbicides. Once harvested it also regrows from its own root system and doesn’t need to be planted again. Therefore, no harm is done to the surrounding environment.

So why not help the environment and stay charged in style with our range of personalised Bamboo Wireless chargers! These charges can be used by any phone that is Qi-enabled. They are easy to design and even easier to use. Simply plug your wireless charger into a USB port, place your phone up against it and you are ready to go. Effortless charging just like that.

Like any off our products on our website, these items can also be personalised with a name/message of your choice! Simply use our personaliser to view exactly what your product will look like before you even add it to your basket! Being made of bamboo, your design will also be engraved into the wood, creating a stylish look.

We have seven different bamboo styles to choose from. including wireless powerbanks that will give you effortless charging on the go. As well as warless desk tides and coasters. Allowing you to get that boost where ever you are!

So, what are you waiting for? With free express deliver on every purchase, order your Personalised Powerbank today!

Or if you are looking for a different type of gift, check out our sister website Add A Personal Touch! Here we have a large range of personalised items that will make the perfect gift!

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Mother’s Day Powerbanks

The clock is ticking until its Mother’s Day! So have you managed to get your beloved mum a gift yet?  You could purchase the same old box of chocolates and flowers as you do every Mother’s Day. Or you could get your Mum a present that she will love. One that will also show her how much you mean to her, whilst ensuring she can always contact you. A Personalised Mother’s Day Powerbanks.

Personalised Mother’s Day Powerbanks

We have a range of powerbanks styles to choose from, allowing you to choose a powerbank that you know your Mum will love. We have ones that can easily fit in a handbag, ones that will provide two full charges to most smartphones.

The best part about our powerbanks is that you can personalise them with your very own photo or image. So, find that favourite image of you and your mum to place on our powerbanks. Then add a loving message and you have created a gift that is both practical and a keepsake. If you don’t wish to use one of your own photos, we also have some ready-made Mother’s Day Powerbank designs that you can personalise with your own message. Which you can view here.

As with all of the products on our website, our Mother’s Day Powerbanks come with free delivery, so there are no hidden costs and the price you see is the price you pay. We will also ensure that your products are delivered to you within 3 working days, meaning even if you have left purchasing a present to the last minute, our chargers and powerbanks will be with you in no time.

So, make sure you choose a Mother’s Day gift they will love and order your Personalised Powerbank today! Or if you are looking for a Mothers Day mug or notebook, check out our sister website Add A Personal Touch.

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Wireless Chargers for Apple iPhone

Last year Apple released it’s new iPhone which confirmed that they will no longer come with power adapter. Now that’s fine if you have one lying around the house. But for most, whether its a sibling or a partner, these tend to go missing. Or, it may be that you don’t like plugging the cable into your computer, as you don’t want any data to be transferred. If either of these sound familiar, then you need Wireless Chargers for Apple iPhone.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Wireless charging works by transferring energy from the charger to a receiver in the back of the phone via electromagnetic induction. The charger uses an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field, which the receiver coil in the phone converts back into electricity to be fed into the battery. But all you have to do is place your iPhone ontop of the wireless charger.

Which iPhones Can be Wirelessly Charged?

Wireless charging has been enabled in iPhones since the iPhone 8. So if you have this model or anyone more recent you will be able to wirelessly charge. If you have any other model of phone, just check to see if it QI enabled.

Why Should I Use Wireless Charging?

With a lot of people home working they are using their phones more and needing them with them. But do you really want to be plugging your iPhone into your work computer? Our Wireless chargers let you charge your phone using any USB port without any data transferring. Making charging a lot safer!

Personalised Powerbanks Wireless Chargers for Apple iPhone

Here at Personalised Powerbanks we have 8 different styles to choose from. we have bamboo chargers to desk chargers. We even have a wirelesses powerbank so you can charge your phone on the go without the need for any wires!

To view our full range today, that starts from only £14.99 including free delivery, click here.

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Personalised Powerbank Christmas Delivery

Personalised Powerbank Christmas Delivery

This year has been a strange one. But as a country, we have pulled together. We’ve all clapped for the NHS and wore masks to protect others. And now we are been repaid by being able to spend Christmas with three other households. Now you may want to get a Personalised Powerbanks as part of a secret Santa or as a Christmas gift. But to ensure you get your order on time, we have some Personalised Powerbank Christmas Delivery information.

We would like our staff to be able to enjoy Christmas safely this year. Which is why we will be closing our offices early so they have time to isolate before they spend time with loved ones. Therefore, to receive Personalised Powerbank Christmas Delivery all orders must be placed before midnight on the 15th December! Any orders placed on the 16th December or after this date will be printed and despatched the week commencing the 4th January.

So you have over a week to order all of your Christmas and Personalised Powerbanks and Wireless Chargers!

Our sister website Add A Personal Touch is also following the same Christmas delivery dates. So if you are looking for the perfect gift we can still help. From Personalised Golf balls to photo upload Christmas Eve Boxes, we have it all.

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New Personalised Bamboo Powerbank

Our new range of Personalised Bamboo Powerbanks are now in stock! They allow you stay charged in style whilst knowing you are purchasing a sustainable product. So why not add your own message and create the perfect gift. We have a number of options to choose from:

Personalised Bamboo 4000mAh Powerbank

This 4000mAH Bamboo Wireless Powerbank is the perfect accessory for your mobile phone. Simply place your phone on the charger for wireless charging wherever you are.

Whether it’s a birthday gift for a dad whose phone is always dead, a child who is a phone addict or friend that loves festivals, they are bound to love this wireless powerbank.

Personalised Bamboo 6000mAh Powerbank

Similar to our 000mAH Bamboo Powerbank this 6000mAh powerbank is wirelesses and can be engraved with our own text. The only difference is it’s bigger as it holds a lot more charge.

This product combines both a wireless charger and powerbank into one. Meaning it is the only phone accessory you will ever need. Simply place your Qi-enabled phone onto the powerbank, no matter where you are, and you can provide your phone with up to two full wireless chargers!

Personalised Bamboo 2200mAh Powerbank

Our Cuboid Bamboo Powerbank may look small, but this portable power bank carries a 2200 mAh battery capacity, giving you that extra boost.

This personalised bamboo powerbank is small and light enough to slip into a pocket or bag, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a truly mobile and portable power bank.

Personalised Bamboo Desk Tidy

Our Wireless Bamboo Desk organiser is the only accessory you will ever need to ensure your office space looks professional and your mobile phone stays charged at all times.

Perfect for anyone who works in an office or from home! Whether it’s a treat so you can tidy your desk or gift for a colleague who is obsessed with office accessories! Our Personalised Desk Tidy makes the ideal present.

View our bamboo collection today and choose the perfect gift or treat for yourself!

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Personalised Powerbanks for Him!

Personalised Powerbanks for Him: Are you looking for the perfect gift for your dad, friend or brother? We all know men can be exceptionally hard to buy for. And if they have everything then it can be hard to find a thoughtful and meaningful gift! But, here at Personalised Powerbank, we have the perfect solution for you. As our manly Powerbanks and Wireless chargers make the perfect gift that will be well received and treasured.

Personalised Powerbanks for Him

Create Your Own Personalised Powerbanks For Him

Here at Personalised Powerbank, we are different from other websites, as our Powerbnks and Wireless Chargers can be completely personalised! Once you have chosen your power bank, you can then upload your own images. Our personaliser works in real-time, so you can see any edits you make as you make them. You can then also add your own text or message to a powerbanks – creating a truly unique design!

Choose A Shirt Powerbank

If the man in your life is a huge sports fan, then our Shirt Powerbank will be the perfect gift for them. We even have three different styles of this powerbank to choose from. Our pre-set World Cup designs imitate a countries world cup shirt. Whereas our Customised Shirt Powerbanks allows you to create a design that imitates their favourite league team. The simple Shirt Powerbank makes the perfect personalised powerbanks for him, as this style allows you to upload your own image to the design.

Add A Gift Box

What better way to display one of our Personalised Powerbanks that you have purchased as a gift then in one of our Gift Boxes? They are guaranteed to add that finishing touch to your present that says you care. To make our boxes extra special the lid of each can also be personalised with your own image and message. Whilst the inside has foam which has been specially cut to hold your powerbanks perfectly.

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A Personalised Father’s Day Gift

It is safe to say that this year is different from what we imagined it to be. However, during these worrying times, we have learnt that we should not take our loved ones for granted. We have learnt how hard it is to be apart. Which is why it is more important than ever to find the perfect Personalised Father’s Day Gift that shows you care.

This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday, 21 June, which is just over a week away. But don’t panic, here at Personalised Powerbank we have the perfect gift that will put a smile on his face!

Personalised Fathers Day Gift

No matter if your Dad’s favourite thing to do is watch football, to play golf or to spend time with his family, we can help you create a personalised and meaningful gift that he will treasure.


All of our products can be personalised with your own images. So why not add a family photo, so you Dad can keep you with him, even when you must be apart. Or upload an image of the family pet that will always put a smile on his face. You can even add a message, so he knows how much you appreciate him.


Not only do our powerbanks make the perfect gift, but we also have a range of Wireless Charges. What is great about these products is that they not only look great, but they are also practical and useful. So ensure your Dad always have enough charge to answer your call with one of our chargers!

Fast Free Delivery

Here at Personalised Powerbank, you receive fast free delivery with every order. So, what are you waiting for? The clock is counting down to get the Personalised Father’s Day Gift! Order a gift that he will treasure today!


If your Dad is not into tech, then when not visit our sister website Personalised Notebook. Here you receive that same great service but can personalise our range of notebooks! Another great Personalised Father’s Day Gift!

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Getting Back to What We Do Best

what we do best at personalised powerbank

We are getting back to what we do best – The safety of our staff and our customers has and will always be our top priority. Which is why over the last couple of weeks we have been busy putting safety measures and systems in place. After doing this and following government guidelines, we are now happy to announce that we are open for business. We are getting back to what we do best, to help you spread happiness and joy!

To help support the NHS during this time we have also created our rainbow range. As over the last couple of weeks, the rainbow has become the symbol of hope across the UK, we thought it would be fitting to create this new collection. So, why not say thank you to a nurse, or a local hero who has been helping you with your shopping and gift them one of our Personalised Powerbanks.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will also be running promotions on our Twitter and Facebook page. So, make sure you are following us for you chance to win free powerbanks, enter competitions and so much more!

We have a great range of powerbanks to choose from. So, whether you are looking for a unique birthday present for a friend? A gift for a loved one that you miss? Or even a little treat to remind yourself that better times are ahead? We have you covered! Creating Personalised Powerbanks is what we do best, so let us help you create a meaningful and heart-filled gift.

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Personalised Powerbank Wordsearch

To help you keep entertained during these uncertain times our friends at LSi have created our very own Personalised Powerbank Wordsearch, which is themed around everything to do with our personalised powerbanks! We hope you enjoy and that it provides you with 5 minutes of fun!


Here at Personalised Powerbank, we are currently not taking any orders. However, we are putting new safety measures in place and should be back open for business shortly! In the meantime why not view our great range of powerbanks!