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We provide top-quality certified personalised power banks, which can be custom printed online with your design, photo, text or logo. You can design your own power banks from scratch using your photos, images and words, or choose one of our handy templates for a custom printed power bank to personalise with a photo or a name. If you’re just looking for a nice and easy gift or idea, we also have a selection of our most popular designs for you to choose from!


Our personalised power banks are fully digitally printed, which allows you to design your own power banks with crystal-sharp details and a full rainbow of colours! All of our power banks are printed in the UK and are suitable for charging any smartphone or tablet, including iPhone, Android, iPad and other devices like Kindle, FitBit, GoPro cameras and more! Our best high capacity power bank, the Powerbank Plus, can charge a tablet twice over, but all of our power banks have enough capacity to fully charge most standard smartphones at least once, making them the best power bank for iPhone, Android, Windows and others.

How to create custom powerbanks

  • Choose your power bank model, depending on what design, colour and capacity you want
  • Head to the Personaliser screen, and use the buttons on the right-hand panel to add images and text
  • You can upload images from your device, choose photos from your Instagram and Facebook feed or even use the QR Reader function to upload a picture
  • You can move, rotate and resize images and text however you like, as well as change fonts, colour and size. Take a look at our helpful video tutorial if you’re struggling.
  • When you’re satisfied, click Add to Cart and fill out the required information to order your power bank!
Flat Powerbank Perfect phone-sized powerbank - soft touch finish and 4000 mAh capacity  £22.99 Includes Free Delivery
Powerbank Plus Powerful 8000 mAh power bank - our best high capacity power bank £29.99 Includes Free Delivery
Cuboid Metal Powerbank Small but mighty cuboid metal power bank with 2200mAh capacity £16.99 Includes Free Delivery
Credit Card Powerbank Handy and effective credit card-sized power bank with 2500 mAh capacity £18.99 Includes Free Delivery
Shirt Powerbank We have a special World Cup range for our brand new 4000mAh powerbank! £19.99 Includes Free Delivery

Important Powerbank Information

Battery Quality

We only use A-Grade batteries and do not accept B-Grade batteries at any stage. Therefore we demand that our suppliers only work with certified battery factories.

Battery Life Time

All powerbanks have a lifetime of at least 300 charging cycles because of the A-Grade battery quality.

Battery Capacity

All our powerbanks come with the original mentioned capaity. This is tested before the battery goes into the actual powerbank.

Real Output and Input

All powerbanks have the real output and input as mentioned in our product description. This is tested multiple times during the production process.

CE Logo Testing

All our powerbanks are tested by official institutes for CE and therefore comply with the strict regulations set within the EU.

RoHS Logo RoHS Compliant

All our powerbanks are tested by official institutes to check they are manufactured according to RoHS regulation and avoid items with high contents of chemicals entering the EU.

Smartphone Capacity
Apple iPhone X 2716 mAh
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 2675 mAh
Apple iPhone 8 1821 mAh
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 2900 mAh
Apple iPhone 7 1960 mAh
Apple iPhone SE 1624 mAh
Google Pixel 2 2700 mAh
Sony Xperia XZ2 3180 mAh
Smartphone Capacity
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 3500 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S9 3000 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S8+ 3500 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S8 3000 mAh
Huawei P20 Pro 4000 mAh
Huawei P20 3400 mAh
Huawei P10 Plus 3750 mAh
Huawei P10 3200 mAh

Reasons to buy personalised powerbanks!

  • Buy one as a gift - photo power banks make an ideal birthday or Christmas present for friends and family
  • Commemorate an anniversary, wedding, stag do, hen night or a special day out
  • Keep a favourite photograph of your children with you all the time - the 21st century alternative to keeping a photo in your wallet.
  • A branded power bank is a great way to remember a great sporting event or occasion
  • Design your own power bank as a lasting memento of a special holiday, festival or trip
  • Print a photo of your pet and keep your favourite fluffy friend with you always!
  • As a going-away or graduation gift for students, or anyone going travelling - make sure they can get online no matter how far away from the UK they go
  • Print a custom logo power bank - it’s a great and visible advert for your business endeavours, and a power bank with your logo is both memorable and functional!
  • Buy a power bank for customers or clients as a corporate gift. Power banks can even make a great gift set to show a valued customer how much their partnership means to you

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